can sleep apnea cause memory loss

Why Sleep Apnea Can Lead To Loss Of Memory

Sleep plays a very important role in your memory and lack of enough sleep can interfere with it. It is during sleep when the body starts to repair itself. People with sleep apnea tend to stop breathing at some point during the night and immediately the body senses this, it responds by sending a wake-up signals to your brain. Due to this, you might be feeling tired due to sleep apnea and this may cause other problems. Can sleep apnea cause memory loss? Read the article to find out.

When you are asleep, your physical body is at rest and there are numerous fundamental tasks taking place in it. This is the time when the body tends to repair itself and also help you to digest the events which occurred during the day thereby creating memories. There are memories which are only absorbed during rapid eye movement sleep, which is usually the stage when you start to dream.

Technical repairs and downloading occurs during the deeper stages of sleep. Disturbances during the night may keep you awake most of the times and there is a likelihood that extreme sleep apnea may not fall into deep sleep stages. This means your body may not be capable recalling all the memories you made during the day. Most people tend to undermine the effect sleep has on their brain and mental health.

can sleep apnea cause memory lossSleep apnea victims may have difficulties in turning short-term memories into long-term ones. Consolidation of memories occurs during sleep. This is what enables you to recall the events that you experienced during the day. People find it difficult to categorize their dreams and experiences if their sleep is impacted by a disorder, this results in the formation of impaired memory which is characterized by forgetfulness.

People with this sleep disorder tend to encounter various daytime mental symptoms which are caused by lack of enough sleep which is attributed to waking up several times during the night. Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea include moodiness, fatigue and reduced short-term recall.

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