untreated breast cancer

What Happens to Untreated Breast Cancer?

Today, many women have breast cancer. This disease happens when cells in the breast grow out of control. We have seen the advancement of breast cancer treatment. Now, women have more options than ever before. Whatever cancer treatment you choose, the aim is to get rid of as much of cancer as possible and to help prevent the disease from coming back. You can learn more when you read at the drbreastimplantsPerth website about breast cancer.

So, what happens to untreated breast cancer? If you let go of surgery and radiation therapy, this means that you are letting go of treatment that has been studied in very well-controlled clinical studies. If you are a breast cancer patient, this can be very valuable to you. So, if you refuse this treatment, then it can compromise your chances of being alive for many years to come.

There are many side effects of breast cancer treatment. After the treatment, you feel fatigued and sick. So, the decision to have treatment or not completely lies on you and is appropriate only for you. It is good to talk to your doctor about this.

There is no single answer to what happens to breast cancer left untreated. If differs from case to case. It will depend on what your body is made up of. Before, women were left with untreated breast cancer. And it has become fatal to most of them.

untreated breast cancerMany women with untreated breast cancer don’t live long although this is not true in every case. More and more women survive breast cancer. Survival rates differ for women with breast cancer. There are slow-growing cancers. So, what happens to one can be different from what happens to someone else.

In conclusion, breast cancer that has not been treated can cause death in a few years. But, some live longer if their cancer cells grow slowly. And some, with a change in diet, can live with cancer for many long years.

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