Why Sleep Apnea Can Lead To Loss Of Memory

can sleep apnea cause memory loss

Sleep plays a very important role in your memory and lack of enough sleep can interfere with it. It is during sleep when the body starts to repair itself. People with sleep apnea tend to stop breathing at some point during the night and immediately the body senses this, it responds by sending a wake-up signals to your brain.

Effects Of Sleep Apnea On The Brain

effects of sleep apnea on the brain

Sleep apnea is a medical condition where the airway becomes blocked when one is asleep. It partially or completely stops airflow, resulting in uncomfortable or disrupted sleep. Have you ever wondered and asked, “Is sleep apnea a danger to your well being?” Though it is a serious condition, a lot of people do not realize … Read moreEffects Of Sleep Apnea On The Brain

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