Prospective Patients

There are other patients with certain diagnoses whom we welcome as well. These diagnoses include related illnesses such as primary fibromyalgia syndrome (FM), multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), Gulf War syndrome (GWS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), post-polio syndrome (PPS), chronic Lyme disease (LD), anxiety spectrum disorder (ASD), certain atypical depressive illnesses and even adult attention deficit disorder (Adult-ADD).

We are able to evaluate anyone with chronic and unexplained fatigue and even those with atypical neuropsychiatric disorders, though it is likely that most patients will have already been or should be evaluated by one or more physicians.


It is more efficient and more cost effective to be evaluated by a primary care physician first. However, once there is no easily explainable cause of the chronic fatigue or atypical neuropsychological complaint, and if it impairs function, we can certainly see such a patient.

Early intervention in CFS and certain atypical illnesses can be very effective, especially in preventing missteps that can prolong the illness.

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