nose job without surgery

Impact of the nose job without surgery

Nose job without surgery is quickly becoming popular across different parts of the world with most people now adopting it as compared to the traditional surgery. The procedure doesn’t need any open surgery on the nose, and it’s achieved through a simple injection. However, you still need to get the services of best surgeon for rhinoplasty in Sydney so you are sure that your nose reshaping is ideal. It’s very quick and effective with the ability of getting the process perfectly done on the nose within a period of 15 minutes.


nose job without surgery procedure

Benefits of nose job without surgery

Both the doctors and the patients have all the reasons to adopt the non-surgical procedure since it comes with less pain, downtime, risk and cost. With the modern technology on the effective nasal change, you can take a short break off your duty have the procedure and resume work smoothly since it doesn’t acquire downtime. Patients enjoy the freedom offered by the non-surgical procedure since those who aren’t satisfied with the outcome can consider revision or reversal with ease.


How to get started with Non-surgical rhinoplasty

You must work closely with a professional with great experience who will recommend the best time and position to have the injection done. The doctor from AU Rhinoplasty Sydney will have a one-on-one talk on the expected final look of the nose and any related risk that may arise from the procedure. This will allow the patients to prepare adequately for the process.

From the available options of fillers such as Artefill, Silicone Juvederm, and Radiesse, the doctor can select the best option to use for the injection.

The area to be injected must be strategic and balanced to enable symmetrical and smooth appearance. Using the latest technology called microdroplet technique, the injection of the filler is done in minuscule amounts.

The procedure requires some level of patience before the final and perfect result is achieved which may happen between 4 to 6 weeks. When fillers are used to enhance the nose appearance, they aren’t permanent and requires you to have schedule visits when you need an improvement.

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