obesity and fatigue

Link between Obesity and Fatigue

There is a direct correlation between obesity and fatigue. Being overweight makes a person feel more tired for various reasons. Read more to find out why overweight people feel more tired.

There are two types of fatigue.

Physical fatigue. This refers to a lack of strength to do what needs to be done. If a person experiences physical fatigue, they might have a more difficult time trying to climb a flight of stairs than they normally would.

Mental fatigue. This focuses more on a person’s inability to concentrate. They might be sleepy, or unable to stay awake for long during normal waking hours.

What causes of fatigue?

Many health conditions can be the cause of fatigue. In the case of obese people, Obesity is the direct cause of why they are feeling tired and sleepy all the time.

The most obvious reason why fatigue is linked to obesity is that they have more weight to carry around than people within their normal weight do. The extra weight on their bodies can cause muscle and joint pains, which contributes to the constant feeling of being tired.

If a person is obese, they might not be getting enough exercise. A person who does not get enough exercise and does not have very much physical activity has higher chances of experiencing fatigue. Lack of physical activity can also be a sign of depression, which is also one of the common conditions linked to obesity.

How to combat fatigue if one has obesity

Increase physical activity. Obesity and fatigue co-exist in a person. Merely losing as little as five to 10 percent of their body weight will instantly make a person feel better. An obese person has a limited range of motion because it requires more effort to move around and do seemingly mundane tasks. If a person can lose weight, they will be able to move more freely and with significantly less difficulty because they would have less body fat. In short, they should make exercise part of their routine. Promoting physical activity will decrease the fatigue that the person is experiencing.

obesity and fatigueVisit a doctor. The thyroid gland might not be working properly if a person is experiencing weight gain and fatigue. This hormonal imbalance can be identified by a doctor by the use of simple blood tests. Once hormonal levels are in check, the doctor may be able to recommend treatments and activities the person can engage in to reduce the level of fatigue they are feeling.

Final facts about obesity and fatigue

Keep in mind that the magic formula for fatigue is being overweight and having a tired body. Ask a doctor how you can manage your weight by doing exercise and eating a healthy and balanced diet. It might help to keep a journal about your weight loss journey. Do not let your stressful job or personal issues keep you from getting better. Talking to friends and staying active will help reduce fatigue and keep that unwanted extra weight off for good.

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