how to stop toddler from grinding teeth

Learning How To Stop A Toddler From Grinding Teeth

Grinding of teeth (Bruxism) is an uncontrollable habit that is done by both adults and children, no matter what their age is. A lot of times, this is a normal and easily remedied dental problem by both parents and dentists. On the other hand, severe cases and causes of teeth grinding such as sleep apnea should be medically treated. Visiting your child’s dentist is the best solution to know what to do during this time. You’ll be able to get help from this team of dentists in Sunbury in having your child’s habit get fixed quickly. Preventing the teeth grinding may also stop future oral diseases that they may get as an adult.


Why Does It Happen?

In order for you to know how to stop your toddler from grinding teeth, let’s focus on why this event happens. For babies and toddlers, growing baby teeth may cause them to constantly move their gums and lips in a grinding motion. This is due to the bones setting in the body and the gums become sensitive with the growth, allowing the bones to grow naturally. Lifestyle at home where emotional influences can create huge leaps of emotional instability like anger or hyperactivity should also be monitored.  Sleeping disorders or other underlying health issues may also be the cause of teeth grinding.  Make sure that your child is getting enough sleep and are given the right nutrients for their continued nourishment and support in their growth.


Effects of Bruxism

how to stop toddler from grinding teeth

In a lot of cases, teeth grinding for toddlers isn’t severe. Since most babies have no teeth on their gums yet, this is not a problem. You may notice that there will be sudden behavioral movements that are uncommon for some time. This may include poking their teeth, shouting, pressing their cheeks or gums or any other form of attention they would ask from you regarding the pain. If you’re not sure how to stop your toddler from grinding teeth, this should be treated right away. Several toddlers may need to visit their dentists for any complications that are seen from teeth grindings. You should step in when you see swelling from their jaws, signs of bleeding, as well as redness of the gums. If your child is undergoing unbearable pain, better see a doctor for immediate treatment.


Treating the Problem

The good news about this situation is that it is curable. Parents should check when their children do the teeth grinding, so if possible, allow your child to sleep in between the both of you. Helping your child accept situations such as anxiety from school or moving to a new house will help ease the psychological and emotional stress they are getting. Adults that suffer from teeth grinding as a toddler usually point this as the origins of the serious dental disease that they currently have. Massaging the gums as well as stretching the mouth can also be a temporary home remedy for teeth grinding.  Watch out for which foods your children will eat. Drinking the recommended glasses of water for your children will also help oxygen circulation and may lessen any other complications from the nerves on their gums. As a parent, you will be able to know how to stop a toddler from grinding teeth by these tips.

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