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How Bruxism, Headaches and Chronic Fatigue are Related

Have you been experiencing sinus pain, migraines, and earaches? Those are just some symptoms of a bruxism headache. Many factors lead to the condition known as bruxism. For more information, you can read about bruxism at this Fairfield dental clinic site.

How chronic fatigue and bruxism are related

There is a psychological aspect of the connection between teeth grinding and chronic fatigue. If a person wakes up to a tight jaw, sensitive teeth and the feeling of extreme fatigue, it could be a sign that the person is suffering from a condition known as bruxism. This refers to the grinding and clenching of teeth. If this persists for an extended amount of time, the person can begin to experience trouble sleeping, tooth decay and excruciating headaches.

All of these side-effects that come with bruxism can lead to chronic fatigue because the person will no longer be able to get a good night’s sleep. People who suffer from this illness will almost always have interrupted sleep because of the teeth grinding. In the waking hours, they will also usually suffer from anxiety, stress and sleep apnea.

How to get rid of bruxism

bruxism headacheBruxism in children would usually go away even without any medical intervention. However, the same cannot be said for adults. If the person suffering from the disease is an adult, they would usually have to seek treatment, take medication and undergo therapy before they are cured. These methods would prevent further damage to the teeth of the patient, and would also provide pain relief and also remove the feeling of discomfort that they feel because of the disease and its side-effects.

Usually, it would be somebody else who would be able to notice if you are teeth grinding at night. If one of your family members has noticed this, or if you feel that you might be suffering from bruxism, go to your local dentist for a check-up to find out how you can overcome it.

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