outline dental implant procedure timeline

Outlining A Dental Implant Procedure Timeline

A missing or crooked tooth is a sight for sore eyes to some patients. A dental implant gives a huge confidence boost for them. Today’s modern dental technology offers many ways to achieve those great pearls. The dental procedure of surgically placed dental implants is not quick and easy. A person hoping to get a dental implant needs full awareness of what is going to happen. Realistic expectations are what makes the surgical procedure successful in the dental implant procedure timeline. The patient undergoes a lot of consultations and recovery for their desires. To fully enjoy the advantages of showing a big smile, check out the latest digital dental implants that are offered from various dental clinics.

Importance of Outlining A Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant is a huge surgical operation for someone to decide on. An outline for the dental implant procedure requires full attention from the patient. Once the outline is neglected, the patient is subject to different risks and complications. A major surgery requires the patient’s health conditions to be normal. The recovery period takes longer if the person doesn’t follow the instructions told by the doctor. The importance of outlining a dental implant procedure is to make everyone aware of what the doctor does during the procedure itself. A patient feels confident if he or she notices that the doctor follows the outline itself.

Steps on Dental Implant Procedure Timeline

Understanding the steps will help you, as a patient, see the dental procedures in an organized manner. This overview from DWDentistKellyville.com.au is a guide that one must not disregard. Listed below are the complete steps on a dental implant procedure timeline.

  • Consultation Period

During the consultation period, a doctor will need your personal data through a survey or form. The hospital or clinic’s administration team handles your data securely and organizes it through their data privacy methods. In this period, a series of physical examinations such as X-rays or other tests are required for completion. The surgeon will ask a few questions regarding your dental concern. In addition, the patient is fully aware of what will happen on the next visit.

  • Bone Grafting and Teeth Removal (If Needed)

Some patients experience an extra step in their dental procedure timeline. Jawbones are susceptible to softness or lack of strength.  Bone grafting is only needed when the surgeon feels that your dental implant is not supported. Conditions vary throughout the dental implant procedure timeline so expect a longer period for your surgery.

  • Placing Incisions for Temporary Implants

    dental implant-procedure timeline importance

If the surgeon is confident enough that a patient is able to handle the surgery, the dental procedure continues. At this point, the surgeon cuts the gums and drills the bone for the temporary implants. This stage is a temporary period to let your gums and bones get accustomed to the dental implant. Allergies are also determined in this stage. The first recovery period is also included for this stage.

  • Abutment Placement and Permanent Dental Implant

After the successful first recovery stage (Osseointegration), the next surgery consists of placing the abutment. This material will hold your crown as it is attached to it. The gums are surgically closed but opened enough for your abutment to grow naturally. Afterward, the surgeon is able to complete the surgery when you are inserted with the crown or implant of your preference. The second recovery period is included in this stage and bones are expected to grow around the dental implant.

After the Surgery

Results are different for patients due to their bodies ‘ natural conditions. Additional steps are in this stage so it is vital for your full recovery. Daily oral hygiene is something not to neglect during this period. Your surgeon will also refer you to a Double Bay dentist at Bay Dental Studio for follow-ups. You can also check the dental websites in your area for more information.

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