chronic fatigue in children

Chronic Fatigue In Children

Chronic fatigue is a disorder associated with a strange and persistent feeling of tiredness in the body. This feeling do not go away or reduce despite several attempts of resting and relaxing the body. Chronic fatigue can affect anyone despite of the age. However, the condition is common in old adults than children. This is contrary to expectation, as children are more prone to fatigue due to their body activeness like sports and playing. Check out this blog and get a  better understanding on chronic fatigue in children.

Chronic fatigue in children is unpredictable, as it is mostly confused with normal fatigue. This makes it hard and complicated to diagnose. The following symptoms help to distinguish between normal and chronic fatigue in children.

  • Weakness – Chronic fatigue in children are energy draining. They drain energy from the body,making then weak and less active.
  • Sleeping problems – A consistent complain of lack of sleep or insomnia in children is a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Headaches and stomach aches – Unlike adults who complain from joint and muscle pain, children suffering from chronic fatigue complain of stomach aches and headaches.

Causes Of Chronic Fatigue In Children

Among many, below is a list of few causes of chronic fatigue in children.

1. Body Activeness and growth.

Children are naturally active. As children grow, their body utilises a lot of energy. Excess consumption of energy in the body can lead to a consistent feeling of fatigue. Children are also active in terms of playing and sports. These activities may drain energy from the body, causing an excessive and persistent feeling of fatigue.

2. Depression chronic fatigue in children

Depression, mostly brought by torture,family or school problems among many others, causes chronic fatigue in children. How? As said, depression is a bad disease. Depression causes excess drainage of energy in the body, leading to anergia. Anergia is a problems associated with lack of energy in the body and further lead to a persistent feeling of fatigue.

Chronic disorder, not only in children but also adults,has no permanent cure. However, there are some remedies to prevent and treat its symptoms. Some food like quinoa, brown rice, banana and milk among others, are relaxing and energy producing food. These types of food help to produce drained energy in the body which makes the body strong and less prone to fatigue.

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