Become a Patient

Anyone who either has been diagnosed with or thinks they might have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is welcome to contact the Cheney Clinic.

There are other patients with certain diagnoses whom we welcome as well. These diagnoses include related illnesses such as primary fibromyalgia syndrome (FM), multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), Gulf War syndrome (GWS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), post-polio syndrome (PPS), chronic Lyme disease (LD), anxiety spectrum disorder (ASD), certain atypical depressive illnesses and even adult attention deficit disorder (Adult-ADD).

We are able to evaluate anyone with chronic and unexplained fatigue and even those with atypical neuropsychiatric disorders, though it is likely that most patients will have already been or should be evaluated by one or more physicians.


It is more efficient and more cost effective to be evaluated by a primary care physician first. However, once there is no easily explainable cause of the chronic fatigue or atypical neuropsychological complaint, and if it impairs function, we can certainly see such a patient.

Early intervention in CFS and certain atypical illnesses can be very effective, especially in preventing missteps that can prolong the illness.

How to Become a Patient

Review our free Cheney Clinic website or consider subscribing to our premium Cheney Research website to familiarize yourself with our clinic and Dr. Cheney’s approaches. If after a thorough review of this information and the costs involved you still wish to become a patient, call and set up a two-day visit for any weekday other than Friday.

For the initial visit we recommend you arrive the day before your appointment and leave the day after. The first day of the initial visit to the clinic is long, starting around noon. and lasting until 6-7 p.m. The second day is shorter and typically starts at noon ends by mid to late-afternoon or 3-4 PM.

Upon a request for an appointment, our staff will send a brief questionnaire with some information regarding office policies.  We always have a waiting list and it is often not possible to determine exactly when you will be scheduled for an appointment.  The reason for this is not everyone on the waiting list accepts an appointment when they are called.  Occasionally, we do have an abrupt cancellation and patients are able to get an appointment fairly quickly though on short notice.  Expect a brief phone call to confirm your appointment date.  A deposit of $1,200 is due six weeks prior to your appointment.  The deposit is applied towards your initial visit.

We try not to book more than two months in advance and will call you a month before the appointment to confirm the date.  Once a date is confirmed, your deposit is not refundable.

Our policy regarding cancellations is explained in Policies and Procedures.