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DTI MRI to diagnose chronic fatigue

Fatigue can cause negative effects in the body making it deviate from the normal operations. Sometimes, it’s difficult to balance life requirements such as social life, family, work and education resulting in fatigue. Chronic fatigue comes with unique symptoms but with the help of a low radiation 3D scanning equipment called DTI MRI it can be easily diagnosed.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

Diagnosis of chronic fatigue is very difficult using other normal tests when you visit a hospital. The symptoms may appear common but most of the tests carried out will turn negative for sickness.

Chronic fatigue may have direct causes in the body or may be as a result of general body exhaustion. Some of the main symptoms of chronic fatigue include a low level of concentration, frequent sleep during the day and dizziness.

In some cases, chronic fatigue may totally disable the body making it very risky while operating heavy machines or driving. This extreme condition may be experienced at intervals where you lose your body strength completely for some time before you get back to a normal state.

The use of DTI MRI to diagnose chronic fatigue

Since the condition is similar to other chronic diseases, it can be dti mridifficult to detect and get the right medication. Improved technology has now made it possible to distinguish chronic fatigue from other diseases through special MRI (diffusion tensor imaging). DTI enables the doctor to get a clear detail of the nerve fibers, especially in the brain and identifies any possible damage.

The concept in this type of MRI uses combined utilization of computer techniques and sound waves to give detailed images of the internal organs. The behaviours of the nerve fibres located in the brain and the aforementioned symptoms can easily and accurately diagnose chronic fatigue.

Fixing chronic fatigue

In the early days when you experience chronic fatigue, you can use techniques such as caffeine use and quality sleep to restore the body to normal condition. When the condition persists, you can seek medical attention for detailed examination and proper medication through the right doctor.

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