Difficulty Breathing Through Nose

Signs That Cause Difficulty Breathing Through Nose

Does air flow easily and freely when your breath in? If not so this may be due to a condition caused by the deviated septum. This is as a result of the cartilage being crooked or even being uneven. Cartilage is the part that divides the nasal passage. This means the passage does not allow the equal passage of air through both sides which results in difficulty in breathing due to curved nostrils.

Below are five signs that cause difficulty breathing through nose, which can tell one if he/she has deviated septum. The signs may not be common or many people may not about the condition or even they are severing from the same.

These signs include

  • Having nosebleeds – this caused by the membrane being dry due to luck o air passing evenly caused by a curvy septum. Thus this lack of moisture makes the nose exposed to nosebleed effects.
  • Having headaches or nasal congestion – the head can feel very stuffy due to lack of sufficient air thus building pressure that may include migraines. The pressure caused in the sinuses causes soreness in the face thus feeling pain in the area of soreness.
  • Having breathing difficulties – since the nose is misaligned making the passage of air difficulty and not able to flow free makes one feel uncomfortable since the process of breathing is straining them.
  • Having difficulties in sleep and or snoring – then nasal congestion becomes hindered when one lies down to rest this will cause difficulty in breathing. Sleep apnea can be caused by this deviated septum which is a very serious and worse condition since one stops breathing.
  • Having sinus infection – clod symptoms and chronic post-nasal drip can be caused due to the nose being clogged. All these are serious since the lower one’s ability to perform to their best of ability

Difficulty Breathing Through NoseHow to get the condition corrected

If the condition of difficulty breathing through the nose has been developed after injury or from birth a visit to the doctor is advisable. Where a nasal steroid spray can be given to collect the state, or even at times it may require surgery to collect the condition. But if it’s only snoring this can be collected by elevating the head of the bed. But it’s advisable to consult a doctor for more examination.

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