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The Consequences Of Stripped Dental Implant Screws

Dental Implants are artificial metallic screws that are fixed on the jawbones as a replacement to damaged tooth. This is done to prevent the entry of germs inside the gum cavity and also protect from injuries and impacts. This is a standard procedure opted by millions across the globe, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes the implant causes infection or doesn’t suit the host, and it requires to be removed which can be tricky. The removal of the implant is done by an experienced practitioner like a dental implant in Sydney area using a tool similar to that of a screwdriver that fits perfectly with the grooves on the implant screws.

In case of stripped dental implant screws, the process becomes a little tricky. A stripped implant screw means that the grooves have worn out and the implant cannot be removed using the tool similar to a screwdriver. The hexagonal shape of the slot has to be intact for the device to fit in which sometimes gets modified due to friction or mediocre quality of the implant.

The following course of action requires the practitioner to make hexagonal slots on the worn out surface and restore the initial shape of the implant. The procedure is very intricate, and a replica is not acquired. A different tool that fits the new slot will be used to remove the stripped dental implant screws.

In the case of stripped screws, the process of removal will be the same but in the reverse order. Firstly the top layer which is the crown will be removed followed by the unscrewing of the abutment and finally the removal from the jaw bone.

After the successful removal of the implant screws, there are various options for the patient to choose from. The patient can go for a new and a better quality implant considering that the operated region is clean and free from any infection. The cost of implant removal in the U.S. can cost in the range of $500-$1,000. The price is dependent on the severeness of the situation.

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