dental implant cost per tooth

How much does dental implant cost per tooth?

Losing a tooth can be very embarrassing. Our teeth have many important role in our lives. This include, chewing, smiling and making us attractive to some extent. However, if you lose a tooth you may need a dental implant to replace it. So, how much is the cost of single tooth implants?

The truth of the matter is, there is no specific dental implant cost per tooth. This is because, dental implant is a systematic process that has some steps which you need to follow. The steps are x-rays, impressions, tooth extraction, implant, abutment, placement and permanent crown.

The cost of a single tooth extraction depends on a number of factor. The first one is the insurance and the cost of additional procedures. A tooth installation with a dental insurance might be relatively low if the insurance policy agrees to pay for a certain amount. Without a dental insurance the cost can be a bit high. For example,


Implant alone – ranges between 1000$- 3000$

abutment + crown – ranges between 500$ – 3000$

Therefore, you average cost is 4250$ ( without insurance)

Cost of additional procedures dental implant cost per tooth

• simple bone graft- 200$ – 1200$

• complex bone graft – 2000-3000$

• simple extraction – 75$- 300$

• surgical extraction – 150- 650$

• x-rays. – 20$- 250$

CT scan. – 250$- 1000$

This means that the cost for a single tooth implant can range between 4250$- 10000$ depending on the state of the tooth.

Some other factors that can increase your implant cost include, the condition of the gum. If your gum is in a bad condition you will need to go thorough a gum treatment that can be expensive. The other thing is the site where the implant needs to be installed.  Also, the dentist’s location would also matter as dental implant cost per tooth varies in certain areas.

In general the dental implant process can be costly as the instruments need to be of  high quality. Hence, it’s not possible to quote a specific dental implant cost per tooth. It varies from situation to situation.

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