Dealing with an anxious dental patient

Dentistry comes with its own set of challenges. More often than not, the biggest challenge are the patients, their moods, and fears. A lot of patients feel anxious before visiting the dentist. Here are some tips and tricks on how to treat an anxious dental patient as efficiently as possible.

Talk to them beforehand

The fear of going to the dentist  results to a contorted face from a nervous, grim disposition, so be sure to talk to them beforehand. Explain everything that you will be doing, step by step. Encourage them and tell them all the soothing words they crave.

Let them know that they are in control

There are plenty of people who can’t handle not being in control. And the worst case scenario would be having a panic attack. If your patient is one of those people, try to make it appear as if they are in control. Explain what you are about to do, and ask them when you can start, for how long can you work, etc. Once your patient knows that everything is depended on their wishes they will be more relax and easier to work with.

Try to distract them dental patient

You can do this both before the surgery starts and also during. Be sure to stuff your office with interesting, visually striking stuff and plenty of magazines that will help your patients get over their anxiety and focus their troubled thoughts on to something quite different. Invest in some calming, relaxing music. Studies have shown that music has a great effect on the mood of the average person. Maybe try and go even a step further; learn what kind o music your patients like. Play it for them.


One of the most effective, but criminally underused techniques. It will help your patients relax and lead their mind towards a more welcoming place. The common misunderstanding states that hypnosis will let your patient fall asleep, but that isn’t the case in reality. They will be aware, but significantly more relaxed and welcome to positive recommendations.

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