Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Causes And Symptoms

When someone says they suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, they may think that they are simply tired all the time, but the truth is that CFS can be really harmful when it is not addressed. This syndrome is related to many other ailments and when it is not treated, the immune system can suffer. Actually, it is a more serious situation than many people might think.

Symptoms of CFS

living-with-chronic-painChronic fatigue syndrome can be the cause of frequent headaches, flu-like symptoms and persistent fatigue that seems to last and last. Now, this is not just the average case of feeling tired, this condition is often characterized by a feeling of fatigue and muscle fatigue. Some people may also feel sore and sore with this condition.

An indication of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that symptoms like flu simply do not go away, no matter how much rest or medication the patient has. For many people, the exhaustion they experience is really debilitating and no amount of sleep will make them feel better.

Causes of CFS

The problem with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that the causes of this condition are largely unknown. Although the condition itself has been linked to others such as Fibromyalgia, it is not clear if Fibromyalgia is caused by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from vice versa.

It is known that this condition can affect people who are in the prime of life and before getting sick they were considered extremely active.

How it affects the lives of people

People living with chronic fatigue syndrome often discover that they cannot get out of bed most days and this causes their jobs and lives at home to suffer. Many people who suffer from this condition are forced to leave their jobs or lose them due to poor performance and frequent sick days. People who have this condition are also likely to stop doing other tasks, such as taking care of their children and their home, because they are too tired to do so.

CFS treatments

There is no specific treatment, but you can do things to help yourself and your doctor can prescribe certain medications that can treat the underlying symptoms, such as depression. Sometimes you may need some help to get back to sleep with a natural sleeping pill. Your sleep pattern may be out of control, causing sleepless nights and chronic fatigue or insomnia.

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