Stem Cells

Review of stem cell therapy results as of September 2010 – a public announcement

Stem cell therapy as of September 2010 is briefly reviewed in over 25 patients treated to date in Panama by SCI.

Stem cell results as of April 2010

We are now close to 20 CFS patients who have received stem cell transfusions primarily in Panama at SCI and coming up on 8 with 12-18 months of follow-up in June.  We have three functional cures (KPS of 75-80) both clinically and by ETM, all under 36 years of age (N=3). A KPS of 75 […]

Stem cell results in a family of three seven months out from treatment

The Cheney Clinic has now treated 13 CFS patients with stem cells over the past year. Results appear very promising to date but treatment notably includes significant adjuvant therapy including anti-XMRV treatment strategies and cell signaling factors as well as gut modification therapies. This brief report details the results of a family of three with CFS.

Nine-month post-stem cell follow-up results

I recently saw my longest follow-up stem cell patient at nine months out from stem cell treatment. This 57 yr old medically retired nurse was a KPS of 40 prior to stem cell therapy and an invalid with basic ADL assistance provided by her husband in the three months prior to stem cells given in early February 2009. She was essentially bed or couch bound and quite ill at times. Today, nine months later, I estimate her KPS at 65 as she notes she could now live alone and can engage in hobbies but could not at present work a regular part-time job.

Stem Cells Update at The Cheney Clinic

The Cheney Clinic has now treated eight CFS patients in recent months using adult stem cells derived from the afterbirth of normal, healthy new-born infants. This current research direction is an outgrowth of the clinic’s research efforts over the last nine years using cell associated therapies which can broadly adjust the biological terrain. Dr. Cheney […]