can allergies cause extreme fatigue

Can allergies cause extreme fatigue?

Allergies occur when the body immune system responds to a strong reaction to substances called allergens. People with allergies not only have mild discomfort but also feel extremely tired. Can allergies cause extreme fatigue? Yes. For more information about allergies, contact a specialist. Some of the ways in which allergies cause fatigue are discussed as follows.

  1. Chemical reactions

In order to fight fatigue, chemicals are released through allergic reactions which causes swelling of the nasal tissue. People with a stuffy nose will always have sleeping problems. When a person’s nose gets stuffy, their tongue falls back, resulting in a vacuum in their throat. Hence they have breathing difficulties.

Eventually, lack of sleep and continuous nasal congestion will result in a hazy and tired feeling. Sleep loss can be attributed to poor control of Allergic rhinitis. It results in daytime fatigue and a decrease in cognitive functions. This fatigue is known as brain fog. It makes it difficult to carry out daily activities and concentrate.

  1. Syndrome of chronic fatigue

can allergies cause extreme fatigueThis syndrome is marked by extreme exhaustion with no causes. Suppose a doctor is not able to determine the cause of a patient’s fatigue, it can be possible that the cause might be an allergy. In some occasions, such patient has an over-sensitive immune system. Histamines chemical slows down the function of the brain. Patients may have attention deficit disorder, irritable and extreme fatigue. Therefore, treating allergies can reduce fatigue.

People with symptoms that interfere with sleep and causes fatigue, should have themselves tested by an allergist. It is also recommended to use antihistamine or leukotriene to control allergies. However, people should not only think of allergies as mere symptoms of sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes but also fatigue, sinus pain, and asthma. The best way to curb allergies is by avoiding allergens. Perhaps, if you are allergic to animal danger, use air purifier regularly and ban your pet from the bedroom. Eliminate molds from your compound, if you are allergic to them. Stop eating certain food if they trigger allergic reactions in your body.

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