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Breast Cancer Fatigue-Treatment Side Effects

There are several side effects of breast cancer treatment which includes masectomy. A surgery to remove an entire breast to treat or prevent breast cancer.  Although you’ll have the option of having your breast rebuilt through breast implants. Talk to a specialist and discuss the things you need to know about breast implants. But the most common side effect of breast cancer treatment however is fatigue. Many doctors say that 1 out of 3 people experiences breast cancer fatigue at some point during the entire treatment period. Breast cancer fatigue resulting from treatment usually occur very quickly, and it can at any time be overwhelming. Rest does not relieve fatigue and can last months after treatment.

Cancer fatigue is more than fatigue; it is an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and weakness, and it remains even with enough sleep. If you suffer from such fatigue, remember that you are not protected and that this is a legitimate aspect of cancer. Although there is no method for evaluating fatigue based on blood examinations, the symptoms are real and you deserve support when working with them. breast cancer fatigue

An American Health Organization study showed that even before women with breast cancer undergo chemotherapy, they experience levels of fatigue, sleep, and activity. Researchers talk about their findings by introducing medical professionals who need to take care of breast cancer fatigue after surgery for breast cancer.

Researchers say that controlling fatigue after surgery and before the start of chemotherapy is important because fatigue usually increases until chemotherapy. From a range of 70 to 95 percent of breast cancer patients suffer from fatigue during chemotherapy. The analysis was published in the current issue of the journal Pain and Management Symptom. After a survey of 130 women with early breast cancer, further analysis was performed to confirm the prevalence of fatigue associated with changes in sleep patterns and activity prior to chemotherapy.

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