Can a tooth infection cause fatigue?

can a tooth infection cause fatigue

Tooth infection should be taken seriously and never be ignored. It’s pretty obvious that a simple tooth infection if left unattended can lead to major problems in the body such as fatigue. Having good oral hygiene and frequent dental checkup will go a long way in helping your general body health. Discussed below are useful … Read moreCan a tooth infection cause fatigue?

How to deal with lack of sleep

how to deal with lack of sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping at night or waking up groggy and grumpy in the morning? Sleepless nights can be contributed by various factors such as depression, worries, distractions from the internet or televisions, and it may even have something to do with oral issues. You can read about bad quality sleep due to grinding … Read moreHow to deal with lack of sleep

Why You Have Fatigue after Tooth Extraction

fatigue after tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a fairly common and easy procedure today. It can happen if you have an infected tooth or gum, tooth decay, trauma or removing wisdom teeth that have come through the wrong way. While the tooth extraction process takes only a few minutes, the recovery is a completely different story. In addition to … Read moreWhy You Have Fatigue after Tooth Extraction

DTI MRI to diagnose chronic fatigue

dti mri

Fatigue can cause negative effects in the body making it deviate from the normal operations. Sometimes, it’s difficult to balance life requirements such as social life, family, work and education resulting in fatigue. Chronic fatigue comes with unique symptoms but with the help of a low radiation 3D scanning equipment called DTI MRI it can … Read moreDTI MRI to diagnose chronic fatigue

Breast Cancer Fatigue-Treatment Side Effects

breast cancer fatigue

There are several side effects of breast cancer treatment which includes masectomy. A surgery to remove an entire breast to treat or prevent breast cancer. Although you’ll have the option of having your breast rebuilt through breast implants. Talk to a specialist and discuss the things you need to know about breast implants. But the most common side effect of breast cancer treatment however is fatigue.

Chronic fatigue syndrome Doctors seeking cure

chronic fatigue syndrome doctors

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a condition where the patient suffers from constant fatigue and tiredness which does not go away even after rest. It has no underlying medical reason. The factors causing chronic fatigue syndrome aren’t understood that well yet but some things could trigger it such as, dental anxiety, dental implant pain

Dealing with an anxious dental patient

Dentistry comes with its own set of challenges. More often than not, the biggest challenge are the patients, their moods, and fears. A lot of patients feel anxious before visiting the dentist. Here are some tips and tricks on how to treat an anxious dental patient as efficiently as possible. Talk to them beforehand The … Read moreDealing with an anxious dental patient

Tips to avoid living with chronic pain and fatigue

chronic pain and fatigue

Sometimes it can be difficult to predict how life will be in the future hence the need to expect both sides of life. A lot can happen to the body that may lead to chronic pain and fatigue making it impossible to continue with the normal ways of your life. No part of the body … Read moreTips to avoid living with chronic pain and fatigue

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